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Television advertising can be powerful, lending personality, credibility and a strong visual to the viewers.  Over 99% of all households in the United States have at least one TV.  Now through satellite, local and national cable, as well as local broadcast TV, as an advertiser, you have the opportunity of reaching over 100,000,000 households with one national TV outlet.  With a well scripted spot, a strong call to action, strategic placement and meticulous follow up, television advertising has the potential to produce incredible response.  RMB Agency, Inc. has collectively over forty years of experience in TV advertising.  Let us help you reach your TV advertising goals.



  • Over $72 billion total annual spending from television advertising.
  • Potential total audience reach of just under 300,000,000 people.
  • Over $2.8 billion annually spent on TV ads (just through the top five global advertisers).
  • Reaches a broad demographic audience, offers national exposure to a larger number of people than what most media venues offer, and quickly creates brand awareness.



  • Extensive experience in directed local TV advertising as well as national fixed.
  • Expertise in local and national direct response placement.
  • Local Station as well as national network database with thousands of television contacts.
  • In-depth understanding of strategic media planning and placement in a diversified list of industries.
Jacqalynn Riley Political Candidate

Jacqalynn Riley

Political Candidate

Robin is a kind hearted, Christian woman, who delivers not only excellent customer service but superior quality work. It is a pleasure to work with such a profound woman, who is very talented in this industry.

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