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What got you here, won’t get you there

Published October 21, 2015 by Becky Grizovic

Did you know that your outdated website can actually be hurting your business? It’s true, in more ways than one.

Think about walking up to a desk with two computers: One is new with a flat-screen monitor. One is 10 years old with the huge, heavy, boxy monitor. Which computer will you sit down to for your work? If you are given options, the updated model will always be more appealing and easier to work with leaving the outdated model collecting dust. Don’t be the one left collecting dust because you didn’t take the time for your mobile / web presence.  

Mobile friendly 

Mobile is king and with the booming marketplace for mobile devices, businesses need to make sure they are taking the steps to ensure they are current with the needs of their readers and visitors. 

I took a moment to pool our office and get a feel for their usage. I found that we have 5 times more mobile devices than computers in our homes. In our office at any given time, we have an equal number of devices to computers, if not more. Our experience here is not unique. This is the trend and we can be certain that this will only continue in the years to come. With this in mind, making sure your website is mobile friendly with a responsive design is so important. Not only does Google look at this aspect as a part of its ranking, it offers a much better user experience upon visit. The last thing you want is for visitors to leave simply because the layout and navigation is not friendly to their device. 

First impressions matter

First impressions speak loudly and even if you are at the top of your game, if you don’t have a website to match, your visitors and potential customers will go elsewhere. They will never get to see the incredible things you are able to offer; turned off by an outdated website. 

Outdated content

As we were recently doing some research for an event, we found that a particular website had information that was over 2 years outdated. That means over 730 days had passed that offered opportunities to update the site with current information. If that important piece of information was not updated, what else is inaccurate? 

Don’t leave your visitors and potential customers with this question. Do you best to look over your pages and verify your information from time to time? If you have a change in your business structure or services, always make it a priority to review the site and look for areas that may need updated. 

Google ranking

I hesitate adding this one as a separate item because admittedly, this is not a huge component within Google when ranking but it is a part of their algorithm so it’s worth mentioning. In April 2015, search giant, Google, made the move to add that they were now giving priority to mobile friendly sites, thus giving mobile just one more nod. With this change, if your site is not mobile friendly, your site may possibly rank lower than other similar, mobile friendly sites. 

What now?

Fear not! We are in a time that getting that facelift to wow the web is completely possible with an investment that is totally manageable. If you aren’t sure what direction to take from here, reach out! Let us review your current set-up or, if you are starting fresh, allow us explore options for your new home and show you just how easy the process can be.